Contract Services

Contracted research services are offered based on our in vitro and in vivo testing platforms developed in house. We combine our specialized knowledge in research products development with our more than 10 years practice in the field to provide clients professional and customized services. Choose from out service portfolio and discuss with our experts of your individual needs, you will get our prompt, professional and cost-effective services. 

Protein Expression Services

Gel filtration chromatography

Ion exchange chromatography

Affinity purification


Bacteria (E. coli) Expression

Mammalian Cells (CHO, HEK293) Transient Expression

Baculovirus Expression

Activity Assay

Antibodies neutralizing activity

Cell proliferation/apoptosis detection

Cytokines detection

Antibody Development & Services

Antigen immunization in mice and rabbits

Cell fusion and hybridoma subclones screening by WB, ELISA, FACS

Heavy chain and light chain sequencing and humanization

Transient expression

Validation by binding assay, KD, cell-based assay

Roller bottle production and purification

Cryopreservation and cell banking

Bioassay Services

Anti-idiotype antibody development

ELISA assay for PK and ADA development and validation

Affinity measurement by Blitz

Epitope characterization by ELISA and WB

Cell-based potency assays: inhibition of cell proliferation, kinase activation (phosphorylation WB), SAA secretion, CCL17 and CCL21 induction in PBMC

Cell Isolation Reagent
Choose your starting cell source, species, and your desired cell type or the cell surface antigens you would like to target and let IPHASE design a kit for you. Modification of Standard IPHASE Cell Separation Kits
Customized Cell Isolation Services
We offer a comprehensive in vitro A(absorption)D(disposition)M(metabolism)E (excretion)services for drug discovery organizations. Many of our in vitro ADME assays come in a variety of formats to suit different stages of the drug discovery pipeline
Customized Cell Isolation Kits

iPhase Biosciences will rapidly respond to your needs and commits fast turnaround and high efficiency deliverables. With an extensive range of antibodies and mature cell isolation methods, we offer you desired cells with assured high-quality and quantity. 

In Virto ADME

We offer a comprehensive in vitro service of A (absorption), D, (disposition), M (metabolism), and E (excretion) to pharmaceutical companies. Our ADME assays come in a variety of formats to suit different drug discovery and development stages.

 In vitro permeability

• Plasma stability assay

• Plasma protein binding

• In vitro metabolic stability

In Virto Genotoxicity Assay

• Bacterial reverse mutation test (AMES)

• In Virto

Mammalian Chromosomal Aberration Test

• In Virto

Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation Test      

• Comet Assay

Biological Analysis

Our bioanalytical facility has the state-of-art instruments, including LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS to develop analytical methods for organic, inorganic (metals), and gaseous compound in biologic samples. Activities of method validation and analysis meet the requirement of GLP and GCP.

Method establishment

Method validation of sensitivity, linearity, specificity, precision, and accuracy etc.

Bio-sample analysis 

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